Drawing on the latest thinking from the Future of Work (FOW), agile, neuroscience and Human Centred Design (HCD).

So now that change is the new normal, how do we lead and manage change?

Disruption is the buzz word everywhere these days – at home and at work. You probably can’t begin to imagine your day without a smart phone, when only as recently as 10 years ago, we connected and engaged very differently. Now look at you! Bets are on you’ve been digitally disrupted! The sands are shifting When we consider the shifts in the last 10 years, we can see the disruption is relentless, demanding an unprecedented agility to remain competitive. Chaos has replaced certainty. The businesses failing to survive are the ones not seeing the signals, not adapting or simply not keeping up with the pace of change. Business leaders can no longer look to the past for clues on how to manage the

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