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Getting ready for my Convergence 2017 experience

I’m getting excited as I’m attending another conference next month. This time it’s Convergence 2017 in our national capital of Canberra. There will be two perspectives for me this time around: one as a speaker, and one as a participant. When we attend a conference, we take time out of our busy schedules to pause, learn and connect, so it’s timely to revisit on of my earlier blogs to remind myself of the value of attending an event, and how to get the most out of a conference experience. The quintessential learning village Staying abreast of industry trends requires dedicated effort. When it comes to a hardwired human need for social connection along with self-directed learning, attending a c

Change hack 10: Getting it right with the Goldilocks approach to change management

In the familiar fairy tale of the three bears, we read about Goldilocks’ three options - one that is too much, one that is too little and one that is just right. In this parable, there’s a case for applying the Goldilocks principle in how we deliver change. For a long time, where waterfall-style projects were mainstream, change was often delivered in a linear approach with a list of artefacts to complete. Now, in a climate of complex and continuous change, there is an increasing expectation that change programs will be leaner and deliver outcomes in shorter cycles. The pressure is on the change practitioner to be increasingly adaptive in their approach. What worked on Project THEN in the ban

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