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10 SUPER CRACKER quotes on agile change management

It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No, it was the visual management board that we set up in our Enterprise Change office - a space to help us to ‘work out loud’ and run our stand-up meetings. We posted our Kanban Board and success measures dashboard, making our messages visually appealing with word clouds, photos and infographics. People within and outside our team would stop by to look and start a conversation with us. It was generating just the engagement and dialogue we wanted. To add to our wonderful board, I hunted down some quotes that represented agile change management, and aligned them to the capabilities we were building: adaptability, design thinking, customer-centricity and a growth mind

Change hack 2: Hacking change with the magic numbers

There’s lots of stuff we already know about our human hardwired behaviour. For example, we know that our brains haven’t really changed physiologically for over 200,000 years. And we know our survival instincts kick in when we feel we are under threat. Then there’s the stuff we know at a deeper, subconscious level. The stuff that’s not top of mind that we don’t consciously practise day-to-day, but can make significant impact once we are aware of it. And it seems, knowing a little about how numbers relate to our hard-wiring can translate to substantially positive outcomes in the workplace. Group numbers How cool would it be to have a number named after you? That’s exactly what happened to Oxfo

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