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#brainpickers media clips

Episode 1: Launch of #brainpickers

Episode 2: Change Fatigue

Episode 3: Change Capability

Episode 4: #brainpickerslive - our live Q&A at our joint book launch

Episode 5: Wanting to get into change management?

Episode 6: Microlearning

In #brainpickers, Dr Jen Frahm from Conversations of Change and I talk about hot topics in change management, with tips for leaders and change practitioners.

Lena Ross joins Dr Frahm, as guests on the following podcasts:

Natasha Redman from Casa de Cambio on Agile Change

Podcast on empathy and resilience in leadership with Andy Cleff from Agile Uprising.

published articles

Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD) Magazine - MARCH 2020
New ways of working mean new ways of learning 

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workshop highlights

Here's some snippets from one of my workshops on implementing agile change. This content is now integrated in the Agile Change Manager online certificate program.

media clips

Watch our short clips and lightning talks on the #changehacksTM  youtube channel!

Chatting with Dr Gene Bawden from Monash Art, Design & Architecture Faculty (MADA) on Where Design Thinking Meets Change Management

Convergence 2017 Change Management Conference highlights and my talk on Dare to Disrupt.

AgileAus Circles 2020 with Dr Jen Frahm on
Agile Change: Getting past frameworks and methodologies

Single View of Change Webcast with Paul Clavering from Just Enough Change 

blogs & podcasts 

Blog page

Podcast on neuroscience of change with Dr Jen Frahm.

Podcast on how change is changing with Heather Stagl.

Podcast on writing a book with Dr Tracy Stanley.

Podcast with Ali Juma on his Inner Game of Change sessions on change management essentials.

Podcast with Arun Pradhan from Model Thinkers on Enabling Agile Change.

Podcast with Natasha Redman Casa de Cambio on The Agile Mindset

Podcast with John Merkus Rise and Thrive Conversations for Greatness on Change Mastery & Mindset Secrets

slide decks
facilitating discussions

Facilitating meaningful discussions is critical to leading and planning a change approach.

Ditch the digital and find out more about using tactile tools as a facilitation aid.

Ponderfy cards to nudge the mindset, and more - on this site

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Building organisational agility and enterprise change capability

A future-forward view with the latest thinking from agile practices, neuroscience and Human Centred Design (HCD).


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