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Happy new year...happy new mindset!

There’s been numerous posts around about 2018 being the year for many things. How about we make 2018 the year when we think about how we think? You know…that meta-thinking or meta-cognition process very few of us take time out to do? Which takes us to a conversation about mindset. There’s the growth mindset, the learning mindset, the agile mindset…to name just a few. Overall, the ‘mindset’ we’re hearing about is mostly about being open to new ideas and being adaptive in a fast paced, changing world. It’s the mindset we need for relentless and continuous change. And, thanks to the field of neuroscience, we are finding out more about how to optimise our mental agility for our professional and

Can we re-wire our brains?

Yes we can! The field of neuroplasticity assures us that we can rewire parts of our brain. Whilst the physiology of our brains hasn’t changed in over 200,000 years, our neural pathways within that structural physiology are constantly changing. Imagine our neural pathways as roads. The freeways and highways are the ones that process ongoing, frequent information and activity. New activity can create a traffic jam on that existing highway, often demanding a new road. Eventually, with repetitive activity, and even thoughts, a new road is formed. By continually bedding down neural messages, that new pathway becomes a more defined highway, allowing greater speed and traction. During my worksho

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