Drawing on the latest thinking from the Future of Work (FOW), agile, neuroscience and Human Centred Design (HCD).

Getting on the same page with agile

In my last post a few months back, I defined agile as an organisational capability. This was intended to be the one of two or three blogs to make sense of agile, agility, Agile with a BIG A, and how it’s understood in an organisational context. Through discussions with clients and industry peers, it’s become increasingly apparent that a conversation on Agile BIG A and agile little a is most valuable. to establish a common understanding of what ‘agile’ means to that business. Start the conversation… You may have heard your agile-savvy colleague ask you - do you mean agile with a BIG A or agile with a little a? Or perhaps you are asking the question yourself? The first time I heard that had me

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