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(verb) ponderfy

To induce a ponder-like state for meaningful and reflective thought

is a deck of 52 cards that act as a tactile tool to nudge our mindset.

These days, it seems we're busier than ever before. Often too busy to pause and think about what we've accomplished, how we perceive the world around us, and what we have the potential to achieve.

The cards are more than just conversation starters - they are mindfulness hacks.

When you ponderfy, you:

reflect | connect | provoke | plan | visualise

Anyone can ponderfy...anytime...anywhere...

facilitators | team leaders | coaches | counsellors | friends | individuals

Check out our ponderfy PLAYBOOK for CURIOUS USERS

Get your team involved with the 
ponderfy POWER PACK!

A bundle of 20 decks of cards for you and your team - click here to get the quintessential team gift or conference swag!

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Lena Ross introduces ponderfy.

Please contact us for bulk orders.

Watch a team brainstorm how they plan to use ponderfy

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