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Six benefits of using a Persona in your Change Management work

There are so many good reasons to use personas to support your change activity.

Here’s six good reasons – and you can download this infographic in your downloadable resources too.

The persona:

1. Informs our change activities, so many of them - You uncover a lot of useful information. It’s important data straight from the user’s point of view and we know data is important to help land our change successfully.

2. Holds space for conversations – It's a safe place for our people to express what’s on their mind and what makes them tick. People love to talk about themselves and their pain points, and like to feel heard.

3. Nudges us to apply more empathy – When we are busy and overwhelmed, we can easily forget about empathy. Running a persona workshop gets us back in touch with our impacted users and helps us deliver true human-centred change.

4. Keeps our end users top of mind – A focussed effort to collect data on end user groups reminds us about our people. Sometimes we can easily get caught up in processes and artefacts.

5. Helps us address specific pain points – Different user groups have unique needs. Personas created for roles or user groups give us insights that could otherwise be overlooked.

6. Provides a forum for early collaboration – A way to reach out to people early to kick off conversations, engage, collaborate and co-create early in the change initiative is always a good approach.

In fact, all these benefits also applies to journey maps so there’s many good reasons to tap into these design thinking practices.

You can find out more about using personas in your change initiatives in our online Masterclass - Where Design Thinking Meets Change Management. Check it out here


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