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Change hack 5: Three channels for co-creation you need to know

In our disruptive business environment, we know that fewer CEOs are sponsoring long-term, multi-year transformation programs. Disruptive times means that we need to explore new approaches to achieve cut-through. Along with agile delivery and rapid implementation, comes a range of ‘agile-friendly’ approaches that can be applied for co-creation the workplace, regardless of whether your project is officially declared ‘agile’. We can make good use of some emerging practices to drive collaboration and promote co-creation, and ensure that our messages reach our audience. Information overload! There’s over 17,500 blog posts alone on the topic of email overload! We know it’s a reality. Every chang

Getting the most out of social learning at conferences

When my daughter was in secondary school, I received a call to come in and discuss a comment she made to her teacher in the classroom. The ‘problem’, as it was explained to me, was that Justine was disruptive in class. How so? When asked why she was talking, Justine told her teacher she was explaining the math solutions to another student. The teacher asked - why do you need to do that when I’ve already explained it? Her comment was priceless. My daughter replied that explaining it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s understood, and learning also occurs among students. And she is absolutely right! If we look to history, it’s no surprise that learning from our peers is effective. For example, let

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