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Micro is the new BIG

If you haven’t noticed lately, it looks like anything micro, small or tiny is the new BIG. We have the tiny house movement and research findings on the micro-behaviours that shape organisational cultures. There’s micro-expressions, also known as ‘tells’, that can give away clues on our thoughts. Fiction readers can thank Liane Moriarty’s novel, Nine Perfect Strangers, for introducing a wider audience to the idea of micro-dosing on LSD for optimal brain performance. Only this week in the Melbourne Age I was reading about research underway on the micro-inequities female surgeons experience in their workplace. You qualify as a micro-influencer on social media when you reach 3,000 followers. And

Mavens, ravers and quiet achievers

It’s been well over two years since I wrote my first post on hidden influencers and the importance of discovering who they are, and the critical role they play in driving change in organisations. Since that article, it’s becoming even more apparent that we cannot overlook these people who often carry more influence than peers and leaders with formal power or authority. With agile and modern ways of working at the forefront, change is even more relentless. We are operating in an ongoing state of uncertainty and ambiguity, with shifts in formal power, or old power to new power. I’ve also had time (and the wisdom of hindsight) to reflect on initiatives I’ve launched in organisations with the su

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