Drawing on the latest thinking from the Future of Work (FOW), agile, neuroscience and Human Centred Design (HCD).

Design Thinking helps us shift mindsets

A big part leading and managing change is to help others shift their #mindset. Design Thinking helps us do this.

Design Thinking offers a framework to develop human-centred solutions and nudges us to think differently.

Here’s how it helps us embrace more:

⚡️ Empathy – with empathy maps, personas & journey maps we explore see pain points from the user’s point of view, providing data & insights for opportunities.

⚡️ Thinking like a beginner – ideation reminds us to focus on quantity, not quality. This contradicts our existing beliefs about ‘quality over quantity’. If we add a mash-up to the ideation session, we start to think beyond our own industry, to connect ideas & themes that are appear random and unrelated.

⚡️ Experimentation – through prototyping & testing, we introduce a low-res artefact. We engage with the possibility of failure & the positive role it plays in iterating to refine our outcome.

Through these approaches we:

💡 Open meaningful conversations

💡 Create forums for more co-creation

💡 Challenge assumptions through the lens of a framework

💡 Nudge people to think differently about business problems & people

Is it time to bring a little more from Design Thinking into your practice?