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Introducing the Agile Change Leadership Certificate

It’s an exciting day for Dr Jen Frahm from Conversations of Change and me!

Ten enthusiastic participants kick-off with the pilot program of our latest collaboration – The Agile Change Leadership Certificate program.

This is perfect for time-poor managers and leaders as it’s a self-paced program covering 18 topics in six modules. The program is delivered via short videos with follow up experiential activities to try to embed the knowledge.

New ways of working mean new ways of leading

To give you an idea of the content, here's the topics covered, by module:

3 x Rs


When faced with continuous and relentless change, it’s important that we build our own personal change resilience. This clip offers six consideration on how to do this.


Change resistance can be particularly vexing! Or a gift to us … this clip takes us through ways to look at resistance to change that makes it easier for change to land.


Focussing on readiness for change can be one of the most important enablers of successful change whether it be at an individual, group or organisational level. This clips looks at how we define readiness to change in order to measure it in a way that is useful.

3 x Cs


It takes a village, it is said, and often we forget that a community can speed up change considerably. This clip looks at how to initiate community driven change.

Co-creation & Collaboration

When faced with a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) our best way forward in change is to collaborate. Easier said than done, this clip looks at what collaboration really requires and ways to do it.


Good change communication is so important in our people’s experience of workplace change. This clip takes you through how to work out what your objectives are of change and how you might best communicate to achieve those objectives.

Personal Qualities


The quickest way to gain followers as a leader in change, is to embrace vulnerability. Not always the easiest for us to do though. This clip looks at how you can do this as a leader in a safe way.


Empathy is the foundation of good change design.


How does curiosity afford a leader an advantage in change? We explore this in this clip and look at the different ways curiosity can play out.


Servant Leadership

New ways of working calls for different approaches to leadership. Servant Leadership, is based on the premise that to be a good leader, one must first be a good servant. This is one of the three leadership approaches that supports an agile organisation and empowers teams.

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership inspires and helps people adapt in times of great uncertainty. We cover why and how leaders cannot do their job alone, and need to identify adaptive challenges and how they are best solved by many, rather than one.

Distributed Leadership

Distributed leadership is leadership style that is comfortable with sharing and collaboration, nicely aligned to an emerging business climate of ‘new power’ where work and decisions are shared, are peer-driven and participatory.


Fail Fast & Feedback

Find out why we need to fail to succeed, and how this mantra is being used to support innovation and change in organisations.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product, often called MVP, is commonly used by lean start-ups. We explore the broader application of this useful practice in all organisations to gather useful feedback faster and act on it.

Done is Better than Perfect

Sometimes perfection can paralyse action. This bump covers more on taking the approach of ‘done is better than perfect’, and how it nudges us out of inertia and into a culture of iteration.

Human Centred Change

Psychological Safety

Employees will do their best work in an environment where they feel it’s safe to speak out without fear of criticism. This clip covers the research on psychological safety and how it promotes high performance and employee engagement, setting a positive climate for change and change resilience.

Employee Journeying

Design Thinking isn’t just for creating a great customer experience. In this clip, we cover how a Design Thinking practice, such as an employee journey map, helps you create human-centred change that is more likely to stick!

Personas & People

A persona is another practice borrowed from Design Thinking that is valuable and can be applied in all organisations. Find out how to use personas to build empathy and unlock insights that will improve the overall employee experience and productivity.

Assessment occurs via written exam questions, reflective journals and a final “in-person” exam.

Once successful you receive a Certificate of Agile Change Leadership and a digital badge.

We're taking expressions of interest now for the public launch once we have feedback from the pilot participants, so please drop me a line if interested.

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