Hello and welcome!

16 Oct 2015


Hello and welcome to my site…and launch blog!


After many years of being fascinated with human behaviour, and having the privilege of working in areas where I can work with my passion, I’ve finally decided to kick off my website.


Part of what I do is getting around, doing talks and running sessions on these things I love -  what makes us tick as humans, how it plays out at work and at home along with my curiosity for lots of other things like how we will respond and behave in a world of chaos and disruption.

In these sessions, people often ask me about my website, and where they can find my blogs and whitepapers, with a heart-warming assumption that I was already online doing all these things.


So, it the time has come to do just that. And that is, in the spirit of working out loud, along with social learning and collaboration, the time has come to share what I’m learning and researching with like-minded folk. Here I am taking the plunge and putting myself out there!


My blogs may not follow a prescribed frequency. My white papers may ask more questions than provide answers. Just like the title of one of my favourite books by Dan Ariely, I am ‘predictably irrational’. It drives my family and friends mad. But you have far more interesting things to worry about than my personal chaos. There’s a whole world out there, filled with disruption and opportunity, for you to be curious about! And I’m hoping that’s where I can provoke your thinking.



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