what I do

my practicechangehacks takes a future-forward view with the latest thinking from the Future of Work (FOW), disruptive technology and agile practices, emerging capabilities, neuroscience & Human Centred Design (HCD).

There's many ways we can work together and experiment with new approaches. 


Building change capability in your organisation with change leadership, change readiness programs, team workshops, and the development of change roadmaps and plans. Building organisational agility with mindset, behaviours and practices.


On topics that are thought-provoking, drawing on emerging trends. For your next conference, town hall meeting or networking event.
Hot topics now:
New ways of working means new ways of thinking

How change is changing and what you can do about it


Facilitation to challenge groups just enough to nudge them out of their comfort zone, to devise action plans with commitment and purpose.


You can book one-on-one or team coaching. One-on-one sessions take place in a Melbourne CBD location and/or via Skype or telephone.

Consulting and workshop clients

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